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As this is my first proper blog, I figured introductions are mandatory. So, hello! My name is Benedetta but most people here call me Betty – and by “here” I mean the UK, for, no, I am not from here. I was born and raised in Italy, more precisely in the North-East of the “Boot”, somewhere near Venice. I am not, however, completely new to Great Britain as I have visited every country in it except one (Northern Ireland, I’m looking at you). As a matter of fact, I even lived in South-East London for about 10 months back when I was 17, when I decided I would join that selected (but ever-growing) group of teenagers who are completely bonkers and move to a foreign country as exchange students. But that’s another story.

My dream since I was an early teen was to be an actress. I just completely fell in love with theatre and cinematography and for many years I simply could not see myself as being anything else, which lead to more than some discords with my family. When the time came for drama school auditions, however, I found myself unable to go through. This is when I decided to move to Vienna, where my boyfriend is currently studying, and take an extra year to think about myself and my future; thankfully, I managed that and more, as I was able to learn a new language from scratch (and one that I discovered I really enjoy – German) and put aside some money (which I subsequently proceeded to spend on a two-week backpacking trip to South-East Asia with said boyfriend – but, again! That is another story).

So, here am I, currently a first year student at Nottingham Trent University even though I am about to turn 21 (though it would be great if you didn’t remind me of that, thank you). I have to admit: fashion is a sector that never would I (and most people who know me) have thought I would be getting into. I’m afraid this is largely due to the stigma that surrounds the industry (something that I found myself face a lot ever since I accepted my offer at NTU), which tends to be painted as the industry of everything frivolous, materialistic and shallow. It is also because, growing up, I was never the stereotypical little girl who loves dolls and pink dresses, and I later found some of my main interests to lie within more intellectual areas ‒ such as philosophy, sociology, feminism and even science. I suppose I was always drawn towards the idea of being well-rounded as an individual, and I always struggled to stick to only one area, one activity, one project – constantly changing my mind, repeatedly reaching out for something new. Nevertheless, when my dreams of being a movie star were shattered and I started gloomily navigating through the UCAS website searching for a subject that could appeal to me, I knew only one thing: it had to be something creative. There just was no way around it. Whatever career path I would choose, it needed to be an environment where I have to create something. And so, FCP it was.

I feel like, compared to some of my course mates, I probably don’t have as much of a background in fashion or even just art and design, seeing as in Italy high schools don’t offer much choice on that (common A Level or BTEC subjects such as Textiles, Business, Media and Photography are non-existent in Italian schools), but I know I am a fast learner and I am confident that I will find my own way to interpret the tasks we will be assigned, and give them my own spin. I know my way around Photoshop and coding already, and have been toying around with drawing and photography for a few years, but of course all that has always only been on the side of my main studies. Therefore, I look forward to being part of a course with a much more overall creative focus than I’ve ever been used to, and I am excited (and frankly a little nervous) to measure myself and my creative skills against actual professionals.

So, that is all from me for now! Hopefully I didn't bore you too much and if you decide to stick around, you'd be sure to make my day.

Over and out.

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