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A while ago, during my first week at university (also known as induction week) we got the chance to see some of the final projects of students from previous years. I thought it was a brilliant way to give us a taste of what we will be working on over the next months (and years), and I remember feeling excited as I looked for booklets and portfolios that caught my eye and being in awe as I flipped through the pages. I gotta say, some of those works looked so professional, I wasn't sure whether to feel thrilled that I'd be doing such amazing work or inadequate that I would never be able to achieve such great results!

I took a few snaps of some of my favourites and meticulously saved them in a folder on my laptop, for future references.

Now that I'm nearing the end of my first semester, I feel like I understand some of those photos better and I can take away more from them than I could before. After sitting through lectures, taking plenty of notes and restlessly looking things up in my spare time, I feel like I now know what to look for a bit better than my 9-weeks-ago self, I am ever-so-slightly more savvy on the subject and I can therefore appreciate these works more and, hopefully, find a way to use what I loved about them in my future work.

Writing things down always help me, so I thought, why not write a blog about it? I am confident that I will come back to these notes in the future (and by then I will probably be even more "savvy" and will be embarrassed by my own naiveness. But that's kind of the point of internet, isn't it?).

I like the high-quality images that compliment each other both in terms of content and colour palette. Also I like the contrast between white frame and full bleed.

The semi-transparent page that overlays the title on the next page is a great way to add a "breather" page without sacrificing space.

The full-text smaller-page insert fits well between bold colours and large text. There is a balance between solid background + large text, big images and small text.

Close-up of the big text page. I love how the relevant quote and pictures serve as a backdrop to the actual data, graphs and information: that allows to include all of these elements without cramming them all into one page.

Love the pineapple print and the colour combination.

I am a sucker for clean flatlays and I thought that was a clever, cute and effective way to visualise a consumer's profile.

Just an idea for how to include several photos on one page without it looking too crowded. I also especially liked the way the text was laid on the large image on the bottom right.

I honestly loved that illustration so kudos to whoever created it. I also thought the title was so weird and funny that I had to remember it.

I liked how the notes on each picture were made into a hand-written text rather than a boring caption, which ties in well with the street style content.

I like how the image slightly bleeds into the other page, giving a nice structure to the text on the left.

I just loved the simplicity of these two pages and the large, hand-written title which spreads through the middle while keeping the text in a compact, off-centered box.

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