Travel Diaries: A Day in Vienna


Over the holidays in December, I have spent a week or two in Vienna, where my boyfriend currently lives and studies. Even if I lived there for almost a year, there is still always something to discover. We visited the MAK museum to see Stefan Sagmeister's exhibition "The Happy Show", went to the KARE Design shop, and didn't miss the chance to explore the traditional Christmas markets that pop up all over the city and are a great attraction point for tourists. Here are some photos I took on a day out:

Knitted shoes display.

We visited this cute little Christmas market that had lots of cool handmade gifts, including this lovely display of denim-inspired jewellery and accessories! The lady selling them was kind enough to let me take a picture and she gave me her business card. You can find more about her and her products on her Jeans Upcycling website, As4Me!

And finally, some mulled wine (or Gl├╝hwein) to end the day!

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