Travel Diaries: Milan (La Rinascente) {2}


La Rinascente | Photo via The Spots Hunter .

While in Milan we had a look inside La Rinascente, a famous Italian retailer operating upscale department stores for clothing, household and beauty products, which was founded in Milan in 1917. It's always great fun to go inside and snoop around all the luxury stores, and then once you reach the top you are rewarded by an amazing food floor where you can find all kinds of fancy food - unfortunately it is all very pricy... (including some branded water bottles which will set you back quite a bit!).

IMG_7705 copyIMG_7706 copyIMG_7706 copy2IMG_7707 copyIMG_7708 copyIMG_7709 copyIMG_7710 copyIMG_7711 copyIMG_7712 copyIMG_7713 copyIMG_7714 copy
IMG_7715 copyChocolate shoes!
IMG_7716 copyDenim beer bottles.
IMG_7766 copySome expensive designer water bottles...

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