Travel diaries: Copenhagen Fashion Festival {3}


George and I stayed in Copenhagen for about four days, from February 3rd to the 6th, which also happened to be the exact time when Copenhagen Fashion Week was happening. While unfortunately I didn't attend any of the official events, I did manage to take a look at some at the free events taking place alongside CFW, called Copenhagen Fashion Festival.

Several stores scattered across town held events and product launches, which meant the streets were crawling with people and the music coming from the shops was exceptionally loud as the sales assistants offered you a glass of champagne to lure you inside. There were also loads of exhibitions and various film screenings happening across those four days. While my main focus was to experience Copenhagen as a city and discover what cultural gems it had to offer, I also couldn't help but check out some of these events (usually dragging a rather downhearted boyfriend along... Sorry, Georg!).

I even managed to convince my boyfriend to go to FAN OUT, a fashion exhibition curated by the Danish fashion designer and shop owner Sabine Poupinel, held in a small space where there were displayed works by both established and rising designers and artists, all revolving around fashion experimentation with light, sound, movement and image.

Some of the contributors to the exhibition included: Naemi Gustavsson, Ida Gro, Nicholas Nybro, Bettina Bakdal, Rikke Bitte Bonde, Anne Sofie Madsen, Morten Ussing, Jane K√łnig, Carl Blanche, Casper Sejersen & Rikke Wackerhausen.

As my fragrance module at uni was about to start, I also decided to visit the niche perfumery Crime Passionnel, where they were celebrating the release of a new Laurent Mazzone fragrance, Sensual & Decadent. They are a small independent perfumery who offer a narrow range of sophisticated fragrances and a limited assortment from cutting-edge names around the globe, including LM Parfums, Amouage, Atelier Cologne, Nasomatto, Juliette Has a Gun, Miller Harris and Puredistance.

I got to talk to one of the co-owners who told me a bit about Sensual & Decadent, the latest LM Parfums extrait de parfum and sequel of Sensual Orchid, and some of the other perfumes on display. One particularly caught my attention, Nasomatto, the brand created by avant-garde Italian nose Alessandro Gualtieri. Each fragrance contains about 350-400 ingredients, which Gualtieri keeps secret because according to him, a perfume is like a painting, and you wouldn't ask an artist which paints he has mixed to obtain the colours on the canvas. The caps are all unique pieces of wood selected by individual branches.

"I begin to make something but at a certain point, it starts making choices by itself. It is the process that interests and guides me. I like the feeling of losing control and I’m not the one making the choices. My involvement is to create something that is alive and will be able to say new things. I want my perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slaves to my meaning."
–Alessandro Gualtieri

I love how this card was actually sawn through with real thread – such an interesting effect!

I really loved the place and the atmosphere and how friendly and approachable the owners were. They gave me a few cool blotters and even a scented wristband. They even had some champagne and chocolate on a table near the entrance that customers could help themselves to!

So, this is all for my trip to Copenhagen. I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading along!

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