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I love Instagram. I may not post on it all that often, but I love scrolling through my feed and looking at all the awesome images from people all around the world. There is just something about the time and care that some people put into these tiny squares that has the power to make me feel inspired and more often than not I indulge myself in going down rabbit holes of follow-attack which is how I end up following over 400 accounts. Oops.

Here are some of the people that participate towards making my feed some of the prettiest I've ever seen (in no particular order).

@1924us (link)

With a combination of typography, illustration, and amazing scenery these guys have it all. They include a bit of everything that I love, and how could you not fall in love with their amazingly detailed mini-drawings animations? It's safe to say this is one of my all-time inspiration favourites.

@groehrs (link)

I love me some good fashion illustration and this, to me, is one of the most creative and interesting of the few I follow. Gretchen Roehrs takes "playing with food" to another level! I just love the pop of colours from the pomegranades, banana peels and watermelon slices combined with the simple and smooth lines of her sketches.

@betty_books (link)

I love books and I love pretty covers. Betty_books brings the two together offering some of the prettiest shots of niche and exclusive book editions which she finds in various book fairs and events. Plus, her annual competition #readtherainbow is one of the most visually pleasing hashtags I've ever laid my eyes on!

update: here are some shots from this year's #readtherainbow2016. Doesn't it just look amazing?!

@feminist_tinder (link)

Moving away from all the prettiness of great photography and illustration, here is another of my favourite Instagrams. feminist_tinder collects conversations taken on Tinder (both by the woman herself and fans' submissions) which perfectly illustrate some of the pathetic pick-up lines and otherwise manifestations of sexism which some men feel entitled to make while hiding behind a screen. Doesn't sound all that appealing? Don't worry, her pungent and sardonic replies will make you laugh out loud.

@thefilmcommunity (link)

As per their description, thefilmcommunity is a curated feed to celebrate film and film photography. As you know I am a big movie fan so I have an affectionate reason to follow them, but even without that the photography they feature is always so unique and inspiring! I like these "collective" Instagrams as they allow me to discover new hidden gems which I wouldn't otherwise never come across.

This is it for now, I am sure I will make some more of these soon as it was really hard to narrow my favourites down to only 5. So stay tuned for that!

Over and out,
B. x

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