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A while ago I made a post about some of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow. I mentioned how hard it was to pick only 5, which is why I'm back with some more lovely feeds for you! This time I'll be focusing on a few brands accounts which I still find so incredibly pleasing to the eye, I can't but mentally congratulate their social media teams.

As usual, in no particular order:

@thefuturekept (link)

The Future Kept are a team of husband and wife who collaborate and work in the fields of interior, graphic and product design, styling, photography, writing, and brand development. Their online shop offers a selection of some amazingly-designed, beautiful objects for the home, which they design and source from independent designers, artists and artisans. I am big on this recent and upcoming trend of buying less and buying better, and their business values are rooted in exactly that belief. They write on their website: "Our primary goal with The Future Kept is to inspire more people to think carefully about the items they have in their lives, by putting together a collection of best in class products all with a story to tell." They also donate a percentage of all their profits at the end of each year. What's not to love?

@noatpaper (link)

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for stationery, especially when extremely pretty such as the one by Noat Paper. I love their icy pastel colour palette and thin, modern and scandi-minimalist lines. I wish all my cards looked like theirs and I'm always happy to see a new post by them whilst scrolling down my feed. Their website also features some amazing imagery in their "Mood" section, which perfectly encapsulates their philosophy.
"Sharing a quiet sense of style and nostalgia, with simple pleasures that deepen senses."

@bullettmagazine (link)

Am I cheating for bringing in a magazine? It is still a brand after all in a way. Either way, Bullett Magazine's Instagram feed is without a doubt one of my favourites. They are a print and interactive "transmedia" company that curates bold, engaging fashion, art, film and music for young, international tastemakers, who isn’t afraid to write articles that spark discussion, with editorials calling out the skinny model debate and how to write about fashion intellectually. Their feed is but a reflection of their eclectic and curious taste. They always manage to find such amazing and inspiring images which span from illustration, to fashion photography, to anything artsy and creative in general. Another thing I love is that they always credit the creator's Instagrams, allowing me to often wander off on a social media rabbit hole of artistic discovery.

@danielwellington (link)

“Minimalistic and unpretentious. A timeless classic”. One of my favourite Instagram feeds, it features minimalistic and often artistic shots of the watch, often in very creative settings which can appeal to a wide range of audience, especially since a lot of the photos are sent in by actual buyers. Some of the pictures are so clever and creative, and others just plan beautiful. Amazing product placement!

@geo_fleur (link)

Yes, I love cacti and general succulenta, could I be any more boring? What can I do, I've been hooked. I know that once I have my own place I won't be able to keep myself and will want to fill the house with these green beauties. Geo Fleur is one of the few cactus-Instagrams I follow, and they are by far one of my favourites. If you also like adorable aggregations of these mini-potted beauties then I suggest you give them a follow!

So here they are, my top 5 Instagram brands' feeds. Hope you found some inspiration in these and don't be surprised if I make another one of these soon enough!

Over and out,
B. x

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  1. the brand until I saw middle aged women walking around with them. Recently I've noticed products like laptop cases, bedding and garments.
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