FLIP - FCP Degree Show 2016


As the deadline for my last uni piece of coursework of the semester approached, I managed to squeeze in some time to visit the degree show. The whole campus was buzzing with excitement as students and visitors alike crawled through the various buildings, the ones I had grown so accustomed to seeing after all these months, and which now looked almost unrecognisable as they were filled and clad and painted with all sorts of different art & design pieces made by the final year students, the graduates.

Of course, I couldn’t not pay a visit to my own course, the FCP show, and take a sneak peek of what my fellow colleagues had been up to, and what the future would hold for me. I was not disappointed!

The show was called FLIP, and it featured a large variety of creative talent. Not going to deny it, I was quite impressed with quite a few of the works on display! I cannot count the time I spent there flicking through the glossy pages of their dissertations. Similar feelings to when I first had a look at past year’s works during my first week at NTU washed over me, as I sat both in awe and amazement at the amount of detail and research that had gone into some of those works. I don’t know whether to be more excited or panicked to think that I’ll soon be working on my own dissertation!

I ended up taking quite a few pictures of different layouts and graphic solutions which I found particularly interesting and/or inspiring, to store away in one of my countless inspiration folders. Here are just a few:

I also went and took a look at one of our “sister courses”, Fashion Marketing and Branding. They are a smaller course, so all their work could fit in one rather small room. While I know I’ve made the right choice for me in picking the more creative and visually-driven course of the two, I quite liked their subdued but striking setup, which gave way to some rather pleasing light and shadow effects.

You can look at more of FLIP’s graduate showcase over at their Instagram page!

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