Design Inspo: The Book Edition


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from one year at FCP (and a few more as an attempting, but still budding, creative), is that ideas can come from anywhere. In the words of dear old Paul Smith: You Can Find Inspiration in Everything (And If You Can't, Look Again).

Which is what brings me to this blog post. As a lover of all things paperback, I tend to navigate towards book shops in pretty much any place I visit, and somehow, whenever I end up in one, I seem to hit some kind of time-distortion gate, as I lose touch with how much time has passed. As a bookworm, I enjoy browsing titles and taking sneak peeks at the first few pages of this or that novel or essay that catches my attention; as a visually-driven creative student, I can’t refrain from being drawn towards all kinds of amazing covers: be it watercolour-ed and whimsical, striking and minimalistic, bold and colourful – I just can’t help picking them up and, more often than not, snap a photo. They say “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but how could you not when presented with such amazing artworks?

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